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France x America: Preview
François stared across the table, gazing at the younger man with longing eyes.
Ever since Alfred Jones had appeared at his doorstep so many years ago, he had wanted the young man for his own. At first it was because of envy for England and a desire to show up his lifelong rival by stealing the virginity of one of his colonies, but as time went on, François began to feel something more for him… Something that even the finest women and men in the world couldn't sate. Yes, he had a reputation of being "easy", but that didn't stop the desires of his heart. Soon enough, François realized the truth: he had fallen completely for Alfred.
He couldn't get enough of Al… the way Al was always bursting with energy, getting excited about the smallest things… Al's wild imagination and his impossible dreams that he would chase to the end of time… Al's face… Dear lord, that face… Incomparable, even when Al had just eaten and it was covered in ketchup stains
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America x Reader: Diplomacy Dating
It was just another normal Friday evening, which involved you watching reruns of "The Simpsons" and a small bowl of ice cream. It was times like this that you treated yourself to a little pampering, mostly for no reason at all. But this time was different. Heck, this time you deserved it! You had just gotten the chance to have the job of your dreams.
You thought back to the day you had received an envelope that had a return address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. As you opened the letter and scanned the official-looking document, you could't help but crack a grin that spread across your face.
It had taken years, but you had finally done it. You had been selected as a candidate to be an aide to the country of America! All you had to do was not bomb the interview and all those years of international relations essays would finally pay off.
Tomorrow was the big day, and you were ecstatic. You were finally going to meet your future boss and spend the rest of your life helping m
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The Final Battle -Part III-
They had both fired shots.
They had both taken hits.
They had both attempted to deliver a final blow.
But, luckily, Al had fired first.
Al's eyes were wide.
He looked down, just to make sure that he hadn't been shot.
The only thing that he found was a hole in his jacket.
A couple inches to the right, and he would have been on the ground like Conrad.
As for Con…
The shot of white lightning had pierced through his back, and gone straight through his heart and one of his lungs.
He coughed up blood.
"Damn… So this is the end."
He looked up at his counterpart, who stood above him, a look of pity in his eyes.
"Why… why didn't you just let me live?"
Al's face remained rigid.
"Because you're the part of me that no one wants, including me."
His face softened a bit.
"Well. Goodbye. I hope you have a good time in Hell."
Con chuckled at his counterpart's cruel joke, then coughed up more blood.
"Ha… Well… Goodbye.""
Conrad closed his eyes and lay still.
Shortly after, he be
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The Final Battle -Part II-
The smoke cleared.
Con couldn't see anything before it did.
The word that his counterpart spoke earlier… Shunjiko.
That wasn't something you heard every day.
He feared that Al had said that word because…
No. It was impossible.
Al couldn't have learned his Zanpakuto's name.
As the smoke cleared and Al came into view, the situation proved otherwise.
Al stood there, strong and stoic.
He was holding two handguns.
They were dark grey, with a deep black star on the barrel of each one.
He stood and faced Conrad, now confident and strong.
"Shunjiko… Looks like I found it out."
Conrad now felt something that he had never felt since escaping Al's mind.
It was fear.
Fear of death.
He screamed.
He fired his musket, but Al dodged the bullet with relative ease.
Suddenly, Al disappeared.
Conrad felt cold metal press into the back of his neck.
"My turn."
Con barely had time to dodge.
But Al hadn't pulled the trigger yet.
Con reappeared, emerging from his Flash Step.
Al aimed agai
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The Final Battle -Part I-
Al and Con prepared themselves for their last battle.
They stared each other down as a wind blew across the plain, rippling the grass.
After a long silence, Al spoke.
"I know what we must do. But I need to know… why did you come back?"
Conrad looked somewhat surprised by Al's comment.
Then he snarled at Alfred, "Because being locked up in that empty little head of yours was too much for me to bear. I wanted revenge. Wouldn't you?!"
Al's expression hardened.
Con, surprised again by Al's words, spoke again. "Why not, you idiot?"
"Because I'm a hero. Heroes don't seek revenge."
He drew his sword, a long katana with red, white and blue cloth on the hilt and a tsuba shaped like a star.
"And heroes bring people like you to justice!"
He charged.
And Conrad charged back.
But what surprised Al was when Conrad drew his sword.
It was a rapier with a black blade, a blood-red guard and a blue grip.
Al knew at once that the sword in his counterpart's hand was a Zanpakuto.
Their swords cla
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Random Favourites

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America x Reader: I'll Never Leave You
"Aaagh! Sit down already, America!" England shouted.
"I am the hero!!!" America shouted, giving a thumbs up.
Almost everyone in the World Conference room groaned, facepalmed, or just set there looking at him like he was an didn't though. You actually giggled and smiled. Alfred was one of your closest friends and you had been friends with him since before you could even remember.
Looking at him being a loudmouth, trying to talk and eat at the same time, and smiling like an idiot, brought back so many childhood memories for you…
"Come on ______! It's only a little bit farther!" A small ten year old Alfred said enthusiastically as he held your hand and tugged you along.
"Alfie, where are we going?" you asked, blinking a few times.
"I told you that it's a surprise!" he laughed, still pulling you forward.
You just smiled at him. He was so silly and adventurous…
"Britain is going to be very angry that we ran off without telling him." You said,
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A Magical Mishap Chapter 2
Chapter two
Unpleasant Encounters

Alice Kirkland, self-proclaimed representative of the Isle of Wight, walked nervously through the conference room. She felt incredibly conspicuous, quite literally as if the whole world was watching her. In reality there wasn't too much more attention than if her real male variant was walking through but she felt very vulnerable all the same.
She went to take her seat. Annoyingly, as always, it was situated right next to France, the one country she was worried she wouldn't be able to fool and as expected was immediately questioned upon sitting down.
'Eh? Who are you? That's Angleterre's seat you know ma chérie,' France enquired.
Alice turned around nervously, just to catch France's gaze.
'My brother is sick today so I'm standing in for him.'
France's eyes widened slightly. She was the exact female replica of Arthur and to him incredibly pretty too. 'Arthur does not have a sister,' he enquired suspiciously while eyeing her in a way that made
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[[ Ok. I know I've bashed Yaoi before, but lately I decided to read a few fics to see what I was criticizing.

It went like this:
>be heterosexual male
>be admin of this page
>go to
>read really really dirty fic
>start to read other fanfics from various genres (homestuck, hetalia, black butler)
>become semi-addict

Yeah. Starting to wonder if I should stop now or give in to the dark side.

So, I'm letting you decide! ]]


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[[ This America is technically Superman America, but he still acts like the normal America. He has Superman's powers, because, y'know, he's the hero and all.
Ok, yes I do RP smut. But only in the notes, got it?! ]]

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Personal Quote: "I'm the hero!"

[[Disclaimer: Hetalia is the property of Hidekaz Himaruya, Funimation, Tokyopop, and others. I do not own Hetalia or the character Alfred Jones and this page is for recreational, non-profit use only.]]


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